Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Week 28 Weight 68.8 Rory DNS

This week I have got some real transaction on the plan. It is the standard Cockbain plan of 5*10km per evening  plus a Rory. The stretching is paying off and the pain in my hamstring around the sit bone is disappearing

As we had an extremely hot end to the week I did two halves over the weekend instead of a Rory

This week coming all 10km will be targeted  at sub 5:00mins/km pace.
The target schedule is
Wk 28 5:00
Wk 29 4:50
Wk 30 4:40
Wk 31 4:30
Wk 32 4:25
Wk 33 4:20
Wk 34 4:15
Wk 35 4:10
Wk 36 4:05
Wk 37 4:00

This ia very  agreesive...but we will see combined with a half a kilo a week weight loss..

I also will add a hill and interval session two mornings a week. Add in the swims on Wednesdays and Saturday  and the HIITS sessions and we will be well sorted.

Foodwise it is one meal of protein and salad per day. Only when I  do a Rory will I add gels and sis go.

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