Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Week 25 weight 72 Rory DNF

It was all going so well.
I completed  three 10km in bin bags in under 50mins. My weight was dropping

Then Friday I burnt out...I couldn't  complete 10km in a bin bag in one go. I had to stop and remove the bin bag

I  tried a Rory on Sunday with out a bin bag and felt the same again. Plus my weight  had gone up four kilos.

I  sat back thought about what I was doing  wrong and chatted to Tiny and Ugly.

The  general  conclusion  is that I was going to  hard. I was expecting to run as fast as I  had done in February  after not trained for speed for four months. The weight gain was mainly due to water and wine over the weekend.

I  had no real target other than as fast as possible, therefore I  was going lung busting fast at the start and fading rapidly.

I have  created a new plan for the runs per week.

I  set myself a target of completing all runs in under 5:10/km pace this comming week.

The week after I will  reduce that to 5:00/ km and continue with that 10second  reduction per week as the weeks go on. As it gets fast the incremental reductions will get smaller to remain achieveable.

Thus I have a concrete target to achieve each week. This is way I  am  motivated.  Small increments  per week. Not big gains.

I  will do the same on the weight. This week the target is to get under 69 kilos and maintain that over the weekend  by not changing my eating habits at the weekend.  All alcohol is out for the duration of the training

This is not going to be easy. But I need to commit to finish this race.

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