Monday, 14 December 2015


I am struggling to get my mojo back. I am very heavy at 76.7kg
I am going to have to force myself out this week. But I will do it with the help of the 5:00am club and the need to really improve.
I have a plan of races that should get me going in in the new year and my legs are stronger so I should not suffer from the hamstring problems of last year.
The races are as follows
30th January - Rodgau 50km
28th February - Lahntallauf 50km
20th March - Eschollbreucken 50k
30th April - Basel 24 hour
13th August - Leipzig 100km
30th September - Spartathlon
2nd December - The Hill
The training plan is up for the year and I will stick to it. This year will be great.

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