Sunday, 31 January 2016

January Review

Slowly I am getting more focused.
In the last week of January I hit all my targets.  not only running, but swimming and core work as well.
I also had my first week of eating absolutely no crap.
My input from  Tuesday to Friday was two apples a day, a homemade soup and a fish salad.
This resulted in a weight loss of 2kg.

I am still well over weight though at just under 74 kg.  

I truly believe that I can stay strong now on and keep shedding the weight.  

It really does have an impact.

This time  last year I was 72kg and completed the Rodgau 50km in 4:18.  
This year I was 74 kg and finished in 4:40.

I had also done 3 roys by this time  last year and I eat a gel every 5km.  This year only one Rory and a gel every 10km. 

I was ok until around 30km  resulting a big drop off in performance as can be seen from the graph below.

Lessons learnt.
Weight - lose it!
Gels - one every 5km
Rory's - do them 

Next race Marburg 50km  27th February

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