Monday, 4 November 2019

Remember your tats, troop and training

Only a short update today as I have already written about the major finding here

What I really wanted to remind myself of is how to deal with the dpressive swings, such as I had last weekend.

1) Remember that you have invested a lot in your symbolic tattoos and to use the underlying symbology to bring yourself up.  The Dragon tries to unbalance the Yin and Yang,  The Buddha uses the Dhrama wheel to rebalance the Yin  and Yang.  The Enso shows nothing needs to be  perfect,  The Water Basin shows you already know what you need to know and the Blue Feather shows you can reach your goals.
2) Remember that you have a lot of people  who really care about you and that you can always talk to them about your moods.  Don't wait until you are on the way up, use them on the way down as well.  They will be keen to help.
3) If all else, fails just go for a fucking run, YOU TWAT!.

Week 44 Done

Week 45 Plan 

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