Monday, 4 November 2019

Review October - Started, keep consistant

  • I  have run more than 250km in  October, which is more than in the previous few months.

  • I have run  more intensively and according to Garmin my intensity minutes are higher than in the previous few months.
  • Intensity
  • I have swam  more,  if only a little bit more.
  • I have kept my weight under under 80kg and stopped it osscilating soo much. I also have an answer to the weight issue.  Too many junk kms and too much weight training added to the stiff arteries means my insulin system is encouraged to store food as fat.  I am reassessing my diet and training. I aim  to eat early and then reduce the calories during the day. Less carbs & salt ( I love salt) more protein and fats.  I am  the  cutting the junk kms and weight training for the next two weeks until the next assesment at the Metobolic institute.


  • I have stopped smoking.
  • I have stopped drinking beer, although I have had a few glasses of scotch and wine.
I feel a lot better in myself and can see we are going somewhere.  I still have mood swings,  but they seem less frequent and easier to manage. I have built a couple of troops of friends to keep me  going and they are helping a lot. My Cooper test result has gone from 2.4km  to 2.6km meaning a VO2max improvement from  42.37 to 46.84 ml/kg/min.   When I go boudlering I feel a lot stronger.

So we have some real improvement and we just need to keep going!

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