Monday, 31 August 2020

Another long break

The difference this time is that I have finally started running a decent distance each week.  From mid July I moved to 80km a week and now I am at 100km  a week.  So my August total is I am also regularly  that is five time a week, working on my core. I am avoiding junk, mainly sugary junk in my diet as well.  The result of which is that my weight is dropping all be it slowly,  I am almost under 80kgs 

Looking back on my annual totals, below,  realistically if I want to get back to Sparta and finish, I need to do 3500km plus a year. I am not finding the 100km too difficult to do at the moment.  It is just a matter of consistantly making time day by day.  I am returning to work from this week on, which means as I am away from home it will be even easier to schedule. 

Totals September to August each year. 
2013 total 2800km
2014 total 4000km
2015 total 3000km
2016 total 3000km
2017 total 2800km
2018 total 2700km
2019 total 2000km
2020 total 2300km

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