Sunday, 4 January 2015

Week 1 Weight 73.8kg Rory 4:01

I looked at my 2014 goals and found that disappointingly I singularly failed to meet most of them.

I did too many races too close together.

I didn't hold myself to account and no one did it for me. This year I have a friend who will nag me incessantly.

I did my first Rory yesterday in under four hours in shorts, bin bag, snow, slush and ice.


31st Jan 50km Rodgau
28th February 50km Lahntallauf
29th March 50km Eschollbruecken
9 May 24hour Steenbergen
15th August 100km leipzig
28th August Koberst├Ądter Wald Marathon
25th September Spartathlon.

Monthly Goals
In order to do this I have some monthly goals.

I will lose a kg a month until I reach a goal weight of 62kg.

I will reduce my marathon time in stages, until I can run 42.2km in under three hours.

I will reduce my 10k time in stages, until I can run this in under 40 minutes.

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