Sunday, 25 January 2015

Week 4 Weight 69.3 Rory 3:40

The weight  is definitely making progress in the right direction and so are the times.

Wednesday night I was running to the flat after 10km I realised that if I got a move on  I could do it in under 1:30 which is good for me. So I did :-)

I really didn't fancy a run on Thursday night ..I had a fast 10km  scheduled.  My Ugly mate hassled me until I went out and I did it in  under 47 minutes... which is in my top ten performances and the best time since August 2014

So lesson  learned is no matter how tired you are you must go out. You never know, you may get a PB.

Today I beat my Rory time and felt very comfortable and unworried by it all the way.  At no time  did the chimp ask me to go another way or quit.  

All in all a good week. Which sets me up for my first race of the year. Rodgau 50km. 
My targets are
A) finish under 4:10
B) finish under 4: 20
C) finish quicker than last year 4:27

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