Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Week 10 Weight 69.7 Rory DNF

Getting the training  right the week after a race is a challenge. Do too little and you feel dissatisfied. Do too much and you  injure yourself. Ease back into too gentle and you end up with  a false sense of recovery.

This time I did the later.
I took three days off and then did a light 5k on Wednesday  morning.
This was  followed by two  20km slow evening runs on Wednesday and Thursday.
Friday was a 5k warm up  followed by hills
Saturday  some swimming.
All this was very  light and I had no reaction to the 50km the previous  weekend.
This meant I went for broke on Sunday  with the pacer set to 4:55 for the Rory.
By 17km  in I had two issues. My left leg had gone dead and I  was in need of a major dump.

Hence the DNF.  Slowly back into is what I  should  learn.

Tuesday  and the leg is just back to normal...

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