Monday, 16 March 2015

Week 11 Weight 69.3 Rory 3 :45

My leg is still not right when running fast. I didn't want  to  push it as I have  a race in two weeks  time.

I  am  convinced  it is a nerve issue, like the phantom pain associated  with the hernia operation.  Therefore nothing to worry about and I  will keep running.  I  will  book a few  massages and I  am  swimming  twice a week  which helps. I have also made sure I am doing  core body work, another help.

The worst news of the week was that I  did not make  the ballot for Spartathlon, although  I  am 25th on the overall wait list and 4th on the British one. It was a bit of a shock at first. However I am determined  that this will  not  bring me down. The only person I can blame is myself for not being  fast enough for  an automatic  place.

I will carry on training  and working  on getting  sponsors for the team. I just can't  throw my toys out of  the  pram or walk away. That would  be  so selfish and in the end, stupid. Besides getting  the  sponsors helps me stay involved. I  firmly believe  that  this is the best team of the last few years. A podium  finish is definitely on for the British Team.

As for myself something will come up.
And if it doesn't...well I am already working on being so fast that I get  an automatic  place next year.

I know it is a rather hackneyed  phrase but I just...

Keep calm and carry on.

Just like as I do in a race.

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