Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Week 17 weight 71 Rory too many DNFs

Somebody  wrote recently that tra running  bloggers don't  blog bad news. This true. I have not been  doing  well and have  failedto report.

I  have  not really got back into  running since my injury.  Sure I have met the frequency and distance  targets I have set myself but it is not enough.

The weight is stablised and that is not good. I am generally  ok during  the  week  and then blow all the gains away at the weekend and end up being the in the same  place again.  So I am  going  to  kick start the weight loss by adopting the Machinist  diet. One apple and one can of tuna a day.

I  haven't  done a Rory in a while as the hamstring pain that stop me running in the Eschollbruecker 50km has not gone away. I  have  a massage booked for tomorrow  and a visit to the chiropractor on Monday.

Additionally I had a problem  with  my big toes on my right foot.  The toes nail has start to grow in the wrong direction. I  will  have soak it and then hack away to relieve the pressure.

That's  all.
I  will  blog on Monday. Promise.

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