Monday, 27 April 2015

Week 18 Weight 69 Rory: Tapering

After a good chat with Nick and a shorter one with Paddy Robbins I am tapering now. 

I have the Steenbergen 24 hour race on 9th May and it is all about resting before the race.

So the last week I did a couple of 20km runs in bin bags and weighted jacket, as well as some  hill and interval work. The Rory was substituted for a run to the pool and back on Saturday. I also swam twice and kept up the core strength work.  

I have have adopted the Machinist diet and I have been under 70kg for the last six days.

The pain in my toenail was solved by cutting the bits that were sticking into the flesh in the corners away and disinfecting it. This seems to have worked as the pain is completely gone.

This week I will do  a run to the pool and swim two-three times.  Very gentle, no bin bags or weighted jacket.  

Next week will be complete rest,  well apart from the gentle gentle strength work I do in the form of the seven minute routine  from Google play.

I will be preparing food. for the race with the intention of taking on a minimum 100 calories an hour. I will have

SISW go Energy drink 
Rice pudding
Custom made energy bars ( Peanut butter, mars bars, oats blitz in a microwave)
Custom made gels ( Greek yoghurt butter and Macadamia nuts)
Treats ( chocolate ,  kiddy johurts )

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