Monday, 4 May 2015

Week 19 Weight 69 Rory Tapering

This is the final week  before the big race 

The only issue for me  is that there is a German train drivers strike and that might stop me  getting there by train.  I will have to hire a car on Saturday morning if the trains don't run.

But that is not a worry really.

I am making real progress on the weight front

I  have said for ages that I want to be 62.5 which is a BMI of 22.5.  I had set that as a target on Garmin.  But I also say I want to run  3650km ( average 10km a day)  per year and never make that as well.  

Since the Marcothon and Jantastic I have used the goals in  Garmin  to  set weekly and monthly running,  exercise & swimming goals.  I find it really motivates me.  I make them 99% of the time.  I am on 1265km, 25km ahead of an average 10km  per day and that is with above  week of aggressive taper. 

But the weight was still going up and down,  despite having the goal set at 62.5. 

I worked out that this annual goal was to far away and too large a drop to make any sense to my chimp.What I have done  is set the weight target on a weekly basis
Monday 20th I set it to be 70kg.  i.e. I didn't want to go above 70kg for that week. Monday 27th I set it to be  69kg  i.e. I didn't want to go above 69kg for that week. 
That is a big drop and unsustainable on a weekly basis
Therefore on  Monday 4th May I will set it to 68.5kg.  
Pretty cool huh?

The goal for this weekend 

A Goal - A Robbie 2013 or 240km  this is a dream goal.
B Goal - A Paddy 2013 or  211km this is realistic.
C Goal - An Elson  2014  or  160km  I will be disappointed if I only get this :-) 

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