Monday, 25 April 2016

Pre race blog

I know I have to start slow and stay slow.

I know I can maintain  6 minutes per km for at least 120km.

I know I can extend that by using the  run 3/4 fast walk 1/4 when I am slowing down.

I know the course has four sides so it is easy to implement the above.

I know I have to eat.

I know what I will eat.

I know that I am running on 1km  track and can pick stuff up when I want. 

I know I will pick up according to my eating plan. 

I know I won't fuck about selecting food.

I know I can run through the night.

I know I need motivation.

I know I will split into into 40km chunks.

I know each chunk represents a station on  Sparta.

I know each chunk will be  done  in four hours.

I know I will write M on one knee and C on the other.

I know I will write Dwarf on my heart.

I know I will write Ugly on my foot.

I know I will stay focused.

I know how to change the negatives to positives.

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