Sunday, 1 May 2016


The race was going well.
Food...including my first trial of Tailwind worked. Even at 2:00am I was successfully moving up the field and felt great mentally.
But ultimately lack of preparation for the weather failed me.

The weather forecast for the race said it would rain. It did, a lot. My rain jacket was not water proof. Even switching to another method ...basically a large rain poncho didn't help. I got colder and colder but I focused on the time left and to keep moving to stay warm. I was on for a massive pb. I was going to reach 210km, a bit tight admittedly but it was doable.

I  withdrew, however, as I became so cold that matter how much boullion and cheese I consumed they didn't make a difference.

Lesson learned....
Take loads of clothes.  You can never be prepared enough.

Make sure that they are the right clothes for the weather.


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