Thursday, 22 August 2019

Bottrop 24 hour pre race preparation

I have taken a while to  update this blog.  I was going to add something about the lesson learned at the last 24hour,  then I really got  a writers block. Unlike at the 100km in Wuppertal where I broke through the mental barrier and completed, I failed to do this at the Stadtoldendorf 24hour. Ian Hopkins, who crewed me there, denied me sugary gels with the hope of making me have a small sugar crash early on and then recovering.  This was opposed to having a big unrecoverable one later on.This appeared to work  but then I had a serious case of chaffing.

This time I have bought some long trucks to go under the shorts and three tubs of vaseline to reduce the chaffing :-)

I will not wear a watch as this has a negative affect as I constantly look at it, wasting time and recalcuating the pace.  The aim is to just run for 25 minutes and then walk for 5 and repeat 48 times.

Frankly I just want to run for 24hours and be there at 11:00am Sunday.  If I reach 180KM that would be a bonus. This is only an average of  8 mins/km. Any other higher targets are just too much at them moment.  I want to break the mental barrier and complete the race on my own. 

In terms of a food plan I will have:

  • Peanut Oat bars every 30mins
  • Water per odd hour
  • Tailwind per even hour
  • Rice pudding or greek yoghurt every three hours

The weather is forcast to be  good.  No rain, sunny on Saturday with a high of 28° and low of 17°. Sunday is similar with just a little more cloud. . 

I need to remember that I may feel bad, but after 30 minutes everything will be  ok.
I just need to feed, rest and go again.  I have bought a chair to rest on. 
I may call Call Chrissy when I am feeling bad for encouragement.
  • Every three hours I will change my shirt and add vaseline.
  • Every six hours I will change shorts and socks.
  • I have Caffeine gels and pills and music for overnight.
  • I have lots of warm clothes including a space banklet.
  • For those little uplifts I can brush my teeth or change shades/hats and I can also take extras from checkpoint.
For motivation I have three bands for the people I know who can't run any longer and I have my magic book  with the WAW plus other notes.

This is going to work because I am well prepared for running, my core is stronger, my food is better and I am mentally tougher than before.

The link to live results for during the race is below

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