Sunday, 22 February 2015

Keep It Simple Stupid

The Unts & 5:00am club
Get up at 5:00am and run. If you don't you get called a Lazy Cunt

Being a plodder I don't need a fancy dan lightweight shoe. I am too heavy for minimalist ones and Hokas give me blisters. I have been using Asics for more than fifteen years. I get a trail pair for the winter and a normal pair for the summer and run them into the ground. I buy last seasons from 21Run often discount by 30% on the shop price. I generally keep the summer pair going with Shoe goo until the uppers fall apart. See the pair the first pair,  over 1,800km  and just retired. Besides the cat likes the box they come in.

Held together by the Goretex lining

With added Cat

Shoe Goo
As you can tell I tend to do things on the cheap. Hydration packs and running vests are not for me. I use throw away water bottles. Partly because they are cheap and partly because I have a habit of loosing expensive ones.  I went through a stage of using Powerade bottles because they have a top like a sports drink bottle but I also use standard 50 bottles with a screw top. If you lose one it doesn't matter as they are so cheap.

Magic cream
Well it is not really something supplied by Hogwarts, but it might as well be for the range of aliments it cures
●Calluses softened & reformation is reduced.
●Dry skin reduced
●Prevents the loss of moisture through evaporation.
●Protects against itching and fungal infections.
It is brilliant stuff  best thing on the market to look after your feet. I buy it off Amazon, it is called Gewhol Lipidro Cream. I rub it in after every shower and it softens my feet nicely.

Who needs home waxing kits when you have this stuff. It sticks so firm that at the end if a race when I pull it off my nipples it pulls all the hairs off as well. It is great for taping toes and hot spots on your feet to prevent blisters forming. It also comes in different colours

Comes in many colours

Homemade Energy Bars
Ideally you need something edible that contains high and low gycemic Index sources. The answer is the ingredients pictured. Oats for slow release of energy,  peanut butter for medium and the mars bars for fast release. To make them simply put all the ingredients into a microwaveable bowl and blitz until it is a melted gooey mess and stir together. Then place into a square Tupperware bowl and let it cool down in the fridge overnight. Cut into blocks and wrap in cling film. Sorted.

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  1. Correction:
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