Monday, 16 February 2015

Week 7 Weight 73.2 Rory 0:00:00

Another bad week training and weight wise.

I did not manage to do any interval or hill training and certainly not a Rory. A total of 45km for the week,  week is far too low. However I did not think it sensible to do more until I found out the root cause of the pain in  the hernia region.

Last Monday I had seen my Haus Arzt, think GP, she told me to see the specialist.

So this Monday I went to see the surgeon who operated on me.

He told me, after an exhaustive examination, that there was no issue  with  the  hernia operation  itself. In fact he was quiet pleased with how it was healing.

The tenderness comes from my spermatic cord and associated  nerves and muscles.
Prior to operation muscles were quite  lose in the region.  Now things are firmed up, the nerve is not used to the tension.

In all probability  the  nerve will get used to it  and pain will subside.
He wants me to make a note for the next four  weeks  of the level and frequency  of  the  pain. If it is bothersome then he can give me an injection of cortisone  and pain relief,  but he prefers to wait. injection. But he rather it went away.

So good news and I just need to toughen up a little bit more 

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