Monday, 14 October 2019

Old runners don't die, their blogs just fade away

Last week I had  good start to the week and then trailed off,  Friday I was very busy with work and doctors appointments and didn’t find the time  to train.  Saturday I was working at a friend's house building a porch roof.  Sunday I went out and just felt knacked.

This week I have less appointments on  Friday and will just aim  for one  long run.  I have added a few goals into the weekly plan as when they go green that motivates me.

Week 41 Done

Week 42 Planned 

The good news is that the weight is under control and the gain  is stable.  Ok I am still only just under 80kgs but at least it is not going up.  14 days of no smoking or drinking has helped.  I am going to start reducing  the sugary and junk carb snacks with the aim of eliminating them by next week. 


Just before writing this entry, I saw in the autocomplete of a couple of blogs I used to follow.  They are very outdated and the runners just seemed to have lost interest.  I don't want to be like that.  I am determine to get back and qualify for Sparathalon and finish well.  I will update this weekly to keep me on track,  if only for Firmen :-)


I had the outlining done for my new tattoo on the right shoulder blade. Ao Guang the Dragon King of the East Sea brings chaos to the world and upsets the balance of the yin and yang on the left,  while the Bhudda and the Dhrama seek to restore the natural balance. 

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