Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Lost weekend

Sunday I hit rock bottom and did nothing.  No long run,  not even a short one.
I didn't do anything about it at the time, but then tapped into my support network talked to some  friends on  Monday and they made me  feel a lot better. I could have contacted them on Sunday instead of waiting,  then I would have at least done  a little run.

I made a good recovery by doing  intervals with a colleague in his mid thirties.  In the last weeks weeks we have done two interval sessions, 1min and then 3mins...repeated 6 times. On both of these he was easily quicker than me.
Yesterday we did 8mins repeated 3 times,  he was fucked on the second one..and whipped on the third. 

Now I know you shouldn't compare oneself against others...but it did feel good.

I am trying to modify the plan to include everything required and doable.  The trouble is if I don't get up at 5 during the week I miss some  of the important  core training.  I can try and squeeze one in evening.  I have added a third easy run to the flat so now I'll be  doing that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday evening I really want to go running,  but as that is after the 4hour journey home  it is a bit of struggle. Swimming is getting better and I think this is the week  I do two swims.

Tuesday night I am doing an unplanned weight session in a gym...this might be  an issue as it is my first visit to a gym in twenty five years.

Week 43 Done

Week 44 Planned

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